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From Felipe Schnack <>
Subject RE: more about custam tag life cycle
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 20:14:57 GMT
> >   But each invocation shouldn't get a different pagecontext? 
> > PageContext isn't 
> > something related to request's URL? I guess pagecontext's 
> > functionality isn't very clear to me...
> We're talking about reuse within a single page.
  Oh, of course, sorry :-)

> > > I think there might be some benefit in clarity to the tag 
> > developer. 
> > > The current lifecycle behavior seems to confuse a lot of 
> > people (and I 
> > > was certainly one of those people when I first started writing tag 
> > > extensions).
> >   Yes, but add even more method would make it easier? Maybe 
> > just the way 
> > the current methods are "defined" in the docs should be 
> > changed. If you make it clear that doFinally() is ok for tag 
> > reuse cleaning, everybody will use it for this.
> Except that it's not, really.
  Yes, but it can be done... to me seems simpler to change the spec a
little than add even more methods (this tends to create even more
confusion IMHO)

> >   Tag reusing is so rare to be useful at all? Why?
> Well I guess that's the conclusion they came to by JSP 2.0, and the
> rationale behind the SimpleTag interface.
  Yes, but I guess it must be hard to know when is good to pool a tag, 
isn't it? :-)

  My conclusion about my experience and all this debate is that I should
always initialize tag attributes with null, and reset them in


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