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From Felipe Schnack <>
Subject RE: more about custam tag life cycle
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 19:45:49 GMT
> >   I'm curious, how you get a PageContext when the container 
> > doesn't call setPageContext? Which container have this behavior?
> What he meant is that it may not call setPageContext *on each
> invocation*.  It will always be called at least once before doStartTag.
  But each invocation shouldn't get a different pagecontext? PageContext isn't 
something related to request's URL? I guess pagecontext's functionality
isn't very clear to me...

> >   I don't see a reason why we should have pool-specific 
> > method for tag property cleaning. doFinally method is 
> > intended for tag cleaning... Probably when created it was 
> > intended for cleaning resources like database connections, 
> > etc but I don't see any reason to create yet another method 
> > just for tag reuse
> I think there might be some benefit in clarity to the tag developer.
> The current lifecycle behavior seems to confuse a lot of people (and I
> was certainly one of those people when I first started writing tag
> extensions).
  Yes, but add even more method would make it easier? Maybe just the way 
the current methods are "defined" in the docs should be changed. If you
make it clear that doFinally() is ok for tag reuse cleaning, everybody
will use it for this.
> But when I made a suggestion like that on the tomcat-dev list, it was
> pointed out that JSP 2.0 offers a new SimpleTag interface that will
> never be pooled, and is much more straightforward than the "classic tag"
> interface.  Hopefully in the future most tags can use that interface
> instead, and the classic Tag interface can be reserved for the rare tags
> that benefit from reuse.
  Tag reusing is so rare to be useful at all? Why?

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