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From "Will Hartung" <>
Subject Re: JSP files between many webapps
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 18:23:44 GMT
> From: "Tim Moore" <>
> Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 9:52 AM
> Subject: RE: JSP files between many webapps

> I have to say that, while the webapp concept is nice in many respects,
> it's really not adequate for large, complex applications with multiple
> component modules.  It certainly makes the simple, most common case far
> more manageable than it was before, but there are some projects (probably
> a growing number) for which the single-unit webapp model doesn't quite cut
> it, and those of us building systems like that are constantly struggling
> against the limitations of the servlet spec. :-\

Not to doubt what you're saying at all, but this seems to me that the
limitations can be mitigated if they're known about in advance.

Now, the Webapp isn't perfect, and leveraging a legacy application into the
iron fist of a Webapp can be difficult to say the least. Not to mention
integration of a heterogenous application that isn't "pure Java". Lots of
fun to be had there.


I look at the Webapp and think of it at a pretty simple level. The Context.
Within the context, you have mappings to the assorted segments of the

Assuming a "pure Java Webapp" solution.

If your multiple component application is managed at the Webapp level, then,
yes, you will have problems. But that begs the question of why you're using
the Webapp as your component layer, when in reality it's the integration
layer of the system. To be fair, I think the component level is the Servlet
layer and its associated mappings within the web.xml, not the Webapp layer.

In EJB parlance, you don't integrate EARs (The EJB version of a WAR), you
integrate disparate EJBs INTO EARs.

If you have two Webapps to integrate, why not break them into their
component bits, integrate the web.xmls, pushing context level mappings down
into the servlet mappings, and then rebundle into a Webapp?

For example, if you have context1.war and context2.war, and each one has
ServletMapping, then you can create a new web.xml that has
context1/ServletMapping and context2/ServletMapping. I know, looks easier
than it is.

Certainly you begin to run into potential namespace issues as you fuse the
two together, but this seems doable and I think this is how the Webapps were
essentially meant to be used, particularly today.

What kind of issues are you running into that would frustrate this kind of
process of integration?

Because once you're into the single WAR, then your cross authentication
issues go away, resource shariing issues (assuming no naming clashes) are
absorbed, etc.

I'd just like to know what you're encountering, as I think it's important to
highlight issues that can be brought up with the JSR groups for future
versions of the spec.


Will Hartung

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