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From "Will Hartung" <>
Subject Re: JSP files between many webapps
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 17:42:03 GMT
> From: "Edson Alves Pereira" <>
> Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 10:08 AM
> Subject: JSP files between many webapps

> Hello folks, i´m doubt about which is the best way to share JSP
> files with many webapps ( in my case, i have 2 ), i don´t want copy the
> JSP to another directory and every page is easy configurable with
> like:

Why not copy the JSPs? Is it difficult?

It's a simple Ant task to copy files. There's nothing stopping you from
keeping the JSPs in a common directory under your source tree and
replicating them to the appropriate spots in the independent Webapps at
build time.

To be clear, this is a build issue, not a Webapp issue.

The Webapp structure is strict, and basic. Your build environment is
dynamic, fluid and organized to suit your tastes, preferences, and
environment. These are not mutually incompatible premises.

When compiling C programs, you have a common area for library routines on
your system, and every time you build, the code gets copied from these
libraries into your final executable. You end up with N copies of "printf"
bundled across all of your different executables. This issue with the JSPs
within the Webapp is absolutely no different. Make N Webapps, get N copies
of the JSPs within those Webapps, yet they can all come from a single

There is always (ALWAYS) this confusion that Webapps == the interlinked,
mangled web of resources in a conventional website. The whole point of the
Webapp is to avoid this mess. To cleanly and clearly demarcate the
boundaries of what is within the Webapp and what is not. This ensures the
the Webapp is moveable, easily, from one container to another.

The downside is that you "pay" for it with disk space, but saving disk space
has long ago been abandoned considering the drive densities of modern

The Webapp is your friend. Embrace it and be happy.


Will Hartung

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