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From "Will Hartung" <>
Subject Re: Network Monitor
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 02:16:23 GMT
> From: "Nicole Hibbard" <>
> Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 5:40 PM
> Subject: RE: Network Monitor

> linux is free and so is netsaint

Yes, but hardware isn't. He may not be able to sacrifice a machine to the
Linux gods for a monitoring solution. He may not know Linux. He may not want
to learn Linux. All sorts of costs here for this "free" solution.

> From: tomcat guy []
> Isn't netsaint/nagios for *nix only?  It is exactly what I am looking
> Unfortunately, I'm stuck with win2k and no dolares...

I don't have a solution for you (as we use netsaint/nagios here).

You'll want to have seperate, cooperative machines doing the monitoring.
It's remarkable how hard it is for a machine to alert you that it's down
when, well, it's down.

You could always write some simple Java routines to ping your server and
mail you results, or you could use the plethora of scripting languages to do

Solutions like netsaint just give you a framework that makes it easier to
consolidate your monitoring and a modular mechnism to add new detectiion
routines. It works both passively, and actively (i.e. it pings your site and
send mail if it fail, or it wait for a ping from the site and mails if it
doesn't get something every N minutes).

Each little bit of the monitoring equation is in itself pretty simple, but
the problem explodes when you have a couple dozen machines to take care of
and several monitors on each machine. If you're only monitoring 1 or 2
machines, then the pain of setting one of these frameworks up may not be
worthwhile over a couple of simple ping scripts.

To be fair, it's a shame you're not on a Unix box, because these things are
pretty simple to write on them compared to Windows machines.

If you DO know Unix, then you can look at using Cygwin as a tool base. Heck,
perhaps NetSaint builds on Cygwin, you never know.


Will Hartung

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