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From "Will Hartung" <>
Subject Re:[OT] FAQ (was Re: MY ATTIT...)
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 22:04:23 GMT
> From: "Bill" <>
> Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 12:21 PM
> Subject: Re: FAQ (was Re: MY ATTIT...)

> Wouldnt it be sufficient for the users of this list to simply stop
> replying to people when they do not follow the very simple set of rules
> set out on the apache website?

Simply put, Bill, it's not a list problem, but a personal issue with every
member of the group.

Here's why.

As should be glaringly apparent, folks simply don't read or choose not to
follow printed guidelines.

Also, bad behavior is list specific and tends to come with history. Some of
it is glaring, "Free PORN -- CLICK HERE". It's so obvious people immediately
filter it out with no comment. Other behavior, though, is less black and
white and may only be apparent to those who have "followed the thread" so to

Getting a post that says "HELP ME URGENT HELP HELP HELP" is routine on this
list from first timers, and that's clearly not "bad behavior" even though
long timers don't particularly appreciate it.

Therefore, not everyone knows "not to reply" to folks that don't follow the
guidelines. So, what you see is somebody posts, somebody new replies, and
some other person says "don't reply to that guy", and then the thread

In the end, it simply comes down to everyone doing their best to follow the
guidelines as they know them and learn them. It's not like this is a unique
list, these issues happen on all lists. List behavior is a "netiquette" best
learned through participation and example rather than reading guidelines or
FAQs. It should be obvious from a dozen posts how folks should and shouldn't

This is anarchy at its finest and we simply need to be good citizens,
practice good citizenship, and learn when its good to deal with a problem
head on, or simply go around it. It can be difficult, trust me I know. (And,
actually, I apologize for prior instances. It was really inappropriate.)

Door crashes open, son runs in, "Dad! Dad! There's a raving lunatic down the
street!" "Really? Is he armed?" "No, I don't think so." "Ok, then don't
stare too long and don't forget to do your homework. Dinner's at 6!"

Welcome to the asylum...


Will Hartung

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