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From "Sean Dockery" <>
Subject FAQ (was Re: MY ATTIT...)
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 15:38:22 GMT
I am surprised that there isn't a FAQ that is circulated periodically--such
as those automatically reposted to USENET newsgroups.  Or perhaps a more
formal document that comes out of


Sean Dockery
Certified Java Web Component Developer
Certified Delphi Programmer
SBD Consultants

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From: "David Durst" <>
To: <>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2003 02:49
Subject: Re: MY ATTITUDE

> >      This is why, if you want to get answers to your questions, you
> > have to make it clear in your post that you have done your homework,
> > that you have tried the usual resources, that you are not asking for the
> > answer to be spoonfed to you.
> Just as a side comment, not everyone is aware of the usual resources in
> that documentation is sometimes obfuscated in that when you are looking
> for a specific answer the details are buried somewhere on another document
> you
> don't even know you should be reading.  So some people (Including myself)
> here should propabably (If time allowing) just point people w/ these
> questions to the correct documentation instead of just ignoring.
> On another side note we as HELPERS should also be aware of the mentality
> the beginer wanting to ask a REAL person the question (I know its the lazy
> mans way) but some people actually learn this way.
> And since I have not read any of the initial postings regarding this
> I will digress from saying anything further and making myself look like
> a complete moron :).
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