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From "Varley, Roger" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 4.1.18, JK2 - no iis_redirect.log
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 16:09:50 GMT

> > has been the
> > major cause of my problems in getting Tomcat to work. For 
> > example, I only
> > found out about the need for [shm] through the archives of 
> this list.
> > 
> [shm] is needed section is needed to run i_r2.dll ?  
> i'll test this.. shouldnt be needed at all.. or at least have a
> plausible default that to not cause any problems if not needed..
> I think it's a bug.. Please report this issue at
> <>.. Thanks..

If I try to start Tomcat without 


in the then I get "[Thu Feb 06 16:00:41 2003] (error )
[jk_shm.c (333)]  shm.init(): No file" in the tomcat logfile and I cannot
load the examples webapp. 

Before I report this as a bug I need to tidy up what I've been doing, I've
been trying to get this to work for a couple of days now and it is entirely
possible that I've got some crud/unneccassary configuration floating around.

Incidentally, does the path http://<domainname>/global/ have a special
meaning to Tomcat 4.x. I have a web application "global" that I have not yet
mapped into server.xml yet, but trying to load a static html page
<domainname>/global/default.htm is returning a 404 from Tomcat rather than
finding it with IIS which I would have expected.


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