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From "Dani" <>
Subject [O.T.] Installing struts under tomcat 4 and apache 2
Date Sat, 22 Feb 2003 19:29:33 GMT
Hello. I'm trying to install struts 1.0.2 under red hat 7.2, with tomcat
4.1.18 and apache 2.0.44. I've read the documentation here
but it refers to tomcat 3.2, not tomcat 4.0. It says "Note that the
instructions for Tomcat 4 will be different than those for Tomcat 3, but the
Tomcat 4.0 web connector is still under development. Versions of Tomcat
prior to 3.2.1 are not recommend for use with Struts."

┬┐What about tomcat 4?

The documentation talk about a file: "Tomcat will generate a file
"$TOMCAT_HOME/conf/tomcat-apache.conf" that will be used by Apache. This
file is regenerated every time you start Tomcat, so copy this file to a safe
place (such as your Apache configuration directory; on Unix systems this is
usually /usr/local/apache/conf. ". But I can't find this file (or it doesn't

┬┐Which file must I configure?

Thank you very much.

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