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From "Jake Robb" <>
Subject Re: jk2 config -- uri directive for root context?
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 21:54:30 GMT
Okay, I think I might have figured out my mistake, but I still need help

I enabled the port 8080 direct connection, and I get the same behavior as
before, so my problem is with Tomcat, and not with JK.  I set debug="10" in
several places, and the Tomcat error logs look normal.

None of my site is implemented using servlets -- it's all JSP.  I have been
Googling all afternoon, with no luck finding any examples of a proper setup
for any non-servlet context, let alone a root context (servlet or

Do I have to use the manager app to do something to set up my context, or
can I just create the web.xml file?  Do I even need a web.xml file if I'm
not using a servlet?

Does anyone out there have Tomcat 4.1.18 set up so that it will serve  I have had no luck getting this to work, and
if I could just compare notes with someone who has it working, I could
probably figure out what's wrong.



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From: "Brett Neumeier" <>
To: "'Tomcat Users List'" <>
Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 2:03 PM
Subject: RE: jk2 config -- uri directive for root context?

> Hi Jake,
> > Does this work when going to Tomcat directly (say to port 8080, if
> > got a HTTP connector listening to that port) rather than going through a
> > native web server?  If you don't have an HTTP connector configured in
> > Tomcat, you might want to add one to help in debugging the situation.
> Have you tried this?  What happens when you take the web server and JK out
> of the picture?  I think this is the most obvious first step you can take
> determine where the problem lies.
> If it turns out that everything works fine when you make the request
> directly to Tomcat, then the problem is certainly related to JK2 -- either
> bug in the JK2 code, or a misconfiguration, or both.
> If it turns out that HTTP requests direct to Tomcat don't work any better
> than the ones being sent through the native web server and JK2, then the
> problem is probably not related to JK2 -- thus there must be a
> misconfiguration on the Tomcat side.
> > You also might want to enable debugging information in the web server,
> > tomcat, or both -- if you can find out what Tomcat is trying to do, that
> > might illuminate why it's not doing what you expect.
> Have you tried this?  The places you can turn on debugging information (as
> far as I know) are:
> In, as "debug=" properties for components -- you can
> debug to values from 1 to 10, according to the documentation, with higher
> numbers meaning more log data.
> In server.xml, as "debug=" attributes of Connector or Context elements
> 1-10 values as above).
> What might be informative is to turn on debugging output for all of these,
> and look over what each component thinks is happening.
> Cheers,
> bn
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