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From "Paul Mahoney" <>
Subject Own Login page
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 14:07:42 GMT
Dear Team

I've been scanning the web, and this mail archive, looking for the
answer to a question many have asked, but to which I not find any clear
answer. Please bare with me...

We are using form based authentication... works fine.

However, on occasion we want to show a login form on a page. The user
puts in their name and password, clicks "submit" and is taken to some
protected url having been authorised.

The way I see it, we need to set the "action" of this login form to a
"jsp/servlet", of our making, that takes the name and password,
validates and sets up the appropriate authority object and forwards them
to the target page or to an error page. Because we've set up the
authority object for the session/context, the standard form based dialog
does not appear.
(Does this make sense?)

But I can't see how we do what the j_security_check action must do.

Someone must have "been there, done that!". Could they enlighten me?
I've waded through enough javadoc now :(

Many thanks


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