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From "Rosdi bin Kasim" <>
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 02:53:31 GMT
> RTFM means "Read the friggin' manual".  It is used in almost any place

My oh my..., I thought it means "Read The Fine Manual"......., man I was

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From: "Erik Price" <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 7:25 AM
Subject: Re: MY ATTITUDE

> Hi Steve,
> RTFM means "Read the friggin' manual".  It is used in almost any place
> where a person is asking a question when they could have read a document
> instead.  The idea is that nobody has extra time sitting around to waste
> re-explaining things that have been explained perfectly well elsewhere.
> In your case, I think what you ought to read is the manual of mailing
> list etiquette.  At first I thought you were a joker or someone who
> found it amusing to post the same questions again and again with strange
> exclamation points (!!!!) and colloquialisms such as "Capiche".  I
> thought you were being rude, but I think now I realize that you just
> don't know any better.
> You are getting fewer answers every day because more and more people
> have set up their email clients to filter out your posts.  It has become
> tiresome to read the same questions again and again, when others have
> pointed you to perfectly fine tutorials explaining how to go about it.
> If these tutorials are not a good enough explanation, then perhaps you
> ought to step down a notch to something more basic.
> Configuring Tomcat and writing JSP/servlet webapps is not easy, and
> requires that you understand the fundamentals of the Java language.
> There are dozens of free books with thousands of pages dedicated to this
> topic, a good one is "Thinking in Java" at .  A
> specialized mailing list like this one is dedicated to answering
> questions and discussing issues surrounding Tomcat, not explaining the
> syntax of a switch statement.  Don't take that as an insult, I'm just
> explaining how it is.  Sun offers an excellent forum for programmers who
> are new to Java at .
> But the problem at hand isn't even really whether or not this is the
> appropriate mailing list for you.  You are not getting much help because
> you simply do not know the protocol for asking questions on a mailing
> list.  It is not appropriate to discuss anything but Tomcat, or
> Tomcat-related issues on this list.  Not switch statements.  Not
> personal issues regarding your social development.  People will forgive
> you if you make a mistake in this regard once in a while.  But this has
> become a daily affair.
> I am going to give you one last hyperlink, and I really hope that you
> click it and read the web page it takes you to.  Others have already
> given you this, and I can only assume that you haven't found time to
> read it yet.  But please read this document.  It will take you all of
> fifteen minutes.  If you don't, or if you read it but choose not to
> listen, then no one on any mailing list is going to help you, as more
> and more people tune you out with email filters.
> The document is called "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way", and is
> available at .  It is the
> "friggin' manual" for all mailing lists.  RTFM.
> Erik
> Steve Burrus wrote:
> > Matthew, please forgive my *dumb naivety*, but what does RTFM mean,i.e.,
what does it stand for exactly anyway? I hope that this doesn't sound like
some kind of a "rant" [again], but it seems like for a long time now people
in this newsgroup have "ragging" on me! Capiche?!
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