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From "Barley" <>
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 00:20:56 GMT
No way. RTFM. The whole reason we have searchable
archives, documentation, FAQs and all the rest is so
that you the user can do some of the legwork *before*
asking questions.

I do agree with you that it can be difficult to do your
own legwork...I'm new to Tomcat myself and have been
reading docs, FAQs, books and posts for what feels like
a week straight. It's a total pain in the ass. But that
doesn't mean that the folks who have already been
through it should hold my hand and walk me through it.
Go pay someone for support if that's what you want.

Believe me, with most open-source projects, you'll find
much less sympathy than you have here.


> Lemme clarify my earlier post for you "Barley"!! I
only meant that there should be some kind of a nice
combination of BOTH "RTFMing" AND getting/receiving
useful advice from others in our newsgroup who have
vastly more experience and knowledge with using Tomcat
than i do, so far. Can you somehow understand that or
not? :)

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