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From "Iain Downie" <>
Subject Re: Graphics (CEWOLF) using tomcat4.0.3
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 15:12:51 GMT

> We use the xvfb to achieve that goal. (It's
> typically part of the linux distribution)

Yeh, I have read about this, but I did a 'find' for Xvfb on our RedHat 7.2
installation, and it didn't appear as an executable. As usual (being a bit
of a Linux grunt) I could find no obvious documentation on the system to
re-install or get it running. This would have been my favoured choice as it
means not changing anything to do with Tomcat or Oracle App Server, however
my ignorance made me look at alternatives....hence the toolkit.


> With that it works quite transparently without
> any additional toolkit.
> The only thing we have to change in the tomcat
> installation is to set an env var DISPLAY that
> points to te virtual frame buffer.

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