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From "Jim Cobban" <>
Subject Re: Please: How do I get application redeploy to work with Apache front-end to Tomcat?
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2003 14:41:34 GMT
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Oscar Carrillo" <>
> Subject: RE: Please: How do I get application redeploy to work with Apache
> front-end to Tomcat?
> > Look at your logs for hints. Is there info about the webapp connector or
> > whatever you are using. if you can see those logs.
> >
> > Do you see logs of pages being accessed in your webapp logs?
> It is not the pages I am having problems with.  The updated pages are
> available as soon as I update them, I don't have to do anything to the
> Tomcat server.  It is the classes, for example the classes implementing my
> custom tags, which I cannot get made visible through Apache.
> >
> > I'd say the biggest problem is your ISP situation. They are using stuff
> > that no one uses much anymore, and you probably can't troubleshoot it
> > directly.
> I really don't know that much about Apache. I have installed Tomcat on my
> own desktop for testing and debugging before I deploy, but there is not
> point in having my own copy of Apache.
> >
> > What happens if you quit the browser and re-launch. Will the pages still
> > be old?
> It is not the pages.  I don't even have to do a redeploy of the context.
> Issuing reload on my browser is enough to see the updated pages.  It is
> updated Java classes, particularly the custom tag classes, that are not
> visible through Apache.
> >
> > One other thought. Setup a linux box with their configuration and
> > troubleshoot from there.
> The servers are on Linux.  But I have absolutely no idea what to do.  I do
> not understand how it is even possible for the old versions of the classes
> to still be executed after I have reloaded them on Tomcat.  Even if Apache
> cached those classes how could it execute them without the servlet engine?
> I am the only user on the Tomcat server and I have su authority so I can
> fiddle with things on that end and shutdown and start the server, but the
> Apache server is shared.  I can suggest changes to the Apache server but I
> cannot make those changes myself.  If the Apache or Tomcat server
> configuration is obsolete or wrong, what should it be changed to?

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