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From "tomcat guy" <>
Subject Re: 403 Forbidden - you don't have permission ... I'M STUCK!!
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2003 15:47:52 GMT
Bill, thanks for looking over the files...
I checked the directory and everyone is set for file permissions.  If they
were not set wouldn't http://localhost:8080/examples be blocked?  It
accesses the same folder "D:/Apache/Tomcat4.1/webapps/examples" as
http://localhost/examples .  Isn't that correct???

The folder "D:/Apache/Tomcat4.1/CTG/examples" has the same permissions as

Any other ideas?  What I need to access is the directory listing under
It is one of those things that has to be something so obvious, when (IF) I
find it I'll probably screem!  :)   Until then... aaarrrrrgghh...

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From: "Bill Barker" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2003 12:24 AM
Subject: Re: 403 Forbidden - you don't have permission ... any ideas?

At a very quick glance, it looks like it should be Ok.  My first guess would
be tree permissions.  Apache will tree-walk, so it needs at least 'rx'
permissions to all directories upto and including

403 is also Apache's normal response when you have disabled directory
listings, but I didn't see that in my quick glance (quick := I very well may
have overlooked something :).

  "tomcat guy" <> wrote in message
  If anyone can help, here is my problem:

  I can go to http://localhost:8080/examples and I get the directory listing
images/ jsp/ servlets/.  BUT when I go to http://localhost/examples I get
the forbidden error?!?

  Any ideas?  The permissions are all good.

  I go to http://localhost/examples/jps and it works?  The JSP's work along
with the servlets.

  I recently reinstalled my apache server.  I cannot remember this not
working.  What did I forget!!!   (besides my documentation, of course).

  Basically I need to setup a directory path to
http://localhost/examples/temp or http://localhost/temp & to my virtualHost nothing is working!!!

  I have attached a copy of my httpd.conf & server.xml.  If anyone would be
able to give it a quick glance OR send a copy of your config files that
would be great!

  I am using:


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