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From "Borislav Iordanov" <>
Subject tag attributes as bean properties
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 01:10:48 GMT
Hi guys,

This is more a question for tomcat developers I guess. I'm working with
Tomcat 4.1.18. 

The JSP 1.2 specification states that a container should interpret tag
attributes as bean properties following the Java Beans specification.
Does Tomcat then rely on a BeanInfo associated with a bean to find out
about property setters and getters? It doesn't seem so since I defined a
BeanInfo class for a tag handler class and the
'BeanInfo.getPropertyDescriptors' never gets called.

My goal is the following: I would like to allow a tag attribute which is
semantically a boolean to be set either through 

(1) a string ("true" or "false") or 
(2) a run-time expression (e.g. '<%= bar.getFoo() != null %>') or 
(3) an EL expression (e.g. "${not empty}") 

The problem is that the EL expression gets converted at translation time
to a false boolean. Therefore, I would like to bypass the standard
String->primitive_type conversions performed by the JSP translator.  

Thanks a lot in advance,
Borislav Iordanov
Chief Architect
TICL - a RAD toolkit for server-side Java

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