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From "Larry Meadors" <>
Subject RE: what source code control system?
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 19:47:09 GMT
>>> 01/10/03 11:18 AM >>>
> If you were in a corporate environment, perhaps 
> Subversion might not be ready for you (but then 
> again, you could afford SourceSafe), but in your
> environment you might like the possibilities in 
> Subversion.  There is always CVS if you need it, 
> and don't mind the problems (like the inability 
> to rename something).

I am in a corporate environment, can afford SourceSafe, and still prefer
CVS. File remnaming is really a non-issue, you add with the new name,
and remove the old one. It is not really elegant, but certainly not a
show stopper.


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