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From "Larry Meadors" <>
Subject Re: OT: what source code control system?
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 17:49:30 GMT

It is free.

It runs on darn near anything.

There are several good java interfaces, and tools like netbeans and
eclipse also work well with it. For windows users, you can use WinCVS,
and my preference - the command line!

Also, the server-side repository is binary compatible across platforms -
I have moved several from WinNT to linux, and it was a complete

It is also firewall friendly. It uses port 2401 to communicate between
the client and server, and the clients never directly access the files.
VSS on the other hand, requires read/write access to the actual
repository - Imagine hearing this from the new guy: Oops! What did I
just delete?

Go here:


>>> 01/10/03 10:29 AM >>>
We have a staff of 8-10 student employees and a 
couple full time staffers that write desktop and 
web applications or their supporting components.
We're mostly using Visual Basic and MS Access for 
desktop apps and ASP (on IIS 5.0) for web apps, 
but I'm nudging everyone toward Tomcat/Java.

I'd like to implement a source code control system 
that includes a browser-based interface (preferably 
JSP/Servlet). Cost is an issue, so I'm looking at 
the open source or other free options. The server 
components would be running on a Windows 2000 Server 
platform, but I'm interested in having the flexibility 
to integrate with any web and database server so as
not to be chained to a given platform (hence the 
preference for using JSP).

Any recommendations? Thanks!

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