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From Jason Pyeron <>
Subject making a tag do do some non-standard? stuff
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 16:16:29 GMT
To those who like to deal with tags,

I have some JSP code that gets stamped allover every day, it requires 
tweaking in each situation, hence it is error prone. We decided to make it 
a tag, but got stuck on two issues:

 how do we scope the 'formBean' var in the JSP page like <jsp:useBean/>

 how do we simulate <jsp:setProperty name='formBean' property='*' />
  now I am sure we can brute force this, by using reflection and 
  iteration, but is there a method already written?

here is my JSP code.

 <jsp:useBean id='formBean' class='com.pyerotechnics.customer.ushr.ca15.intranet.tier2.beans.Form_IssueEdit'>
  <jsp:setProperty name='formBean' property='dataSource' value='jdbc/intranetDB' />
  <jsp:setProperty name='formBean' property='*' />

here is the intended tag syntax.

    dataSource='jdbc/intranetDB' />

-Jason Pyeron

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- +1 410 808 6646 (c)           500 West University Parkway #1S -
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