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From Raiden <>
Subject Various bugs with mod_jk and mod_jk2? And does Apache2.0.43+mod_jk2=inevitable hanging?
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 09:27:46 GMT

I wanted to get Apache 2.0.43 and mod_jk2 working.  They seemed to setup
fine, and handle requests just great.  But after a while, Apache starts
hanging on every other request.  I tried mod_jk, and it still does
this.  I removed all traces of both mod_jks, and it still does eventually
starts hanging, even on static image requests that are not run through
Tomcat.  I'm assuming it's a problem with Apacheand my setup (Redhat
8.0).  Anyone else have similar issues?

Anyhow, so I went back to Apache 1.3.27, which does not hang at all.  Now,
here's where I noticed two weird things:

#1) Apache 1.3.27 with mod_jk2 - mod_rewrites that have the [P] flag to
proxy don't seem to actually get interpreted and sent over to Tomcat.

#2) Apache 1.3.27 with mod_jk - mod_rewrites DO get interpreted.  But,
with Apache and Tomcat residing on two physical servers, Apache does not
send over a request for index.jsp if the URL does not exactly specify it,
even if the DirectoryIndex is set.  (So, /index.jsp WILL go to Tomcat,
but / will not, and is just processed as an Apache level index view.)
I've had to actually create fake index.jsp files in a mock directory
structure on the Apache side to trick it into sending index.jsp as
default to Tomcat.

Does anyone know how to fix either of those strange behaviors?  Or BETTER
yet, has anyone had the hanging problem with Apache 2.0.43 and mod_jk2,
and found a way to fix it?


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