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Subject RE: can tomcat do dynamic virtual hosts?
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2003 20:42:09 GMT
On Thu, 2 Jan 2003, Turner, John wrote:

> I think you're overthinking it.  Tomcat != Apache.  Webapps != Document
> Roots.

webapps are like document roots. That's my point. The only way you 
can do a JkMount is by giving a worker, and the worker can only only serve 
from a webapp based on the host and directory path in the uri.  Apache 
lets you do things like map to /dir-for-dynamic-virt-hosts/a, 
and JServ can handle it, but tomcat can't do things like that, and it 
can't handle Alias directives either.  For example to have two hosts serve
the same webapp I had to give both <Host> elements the same appBase 
paramater. Apache is much more flexible and lets you use the ServerAlias 
> Tomcat needs to do what it needs to do because a web app is more than just a
> directory that has content in it.
Right, but sometimes you might want to lump multiple things into one 

> You can't map to /examples/a and to examples/b for
> a very good reason.  There's no such thing as /examples/a and /examples/b.
> If you want that you setup /examples-a and /examples-b, which you CAN do
> with the auto-deploy function.
Which is my point.  Using auto-deply is not the same thing as simply 
creating a directory and putting files in it. Apache has the dynamic 
virtual host feature for a reason.  Using auto-deply requires that all 
your content be under directories, which doesn't look as nice as having a 
hostname. is better than
> Don't make Apache = Tomcat...they're completely different, not just in name
> and codebase, but also in purpose, intent, and design.
> On that note, anyone who tries to do power hosting with Tomcat in a single
> instance is being foolish, but that's my own personal opinion.  My
> production servers are using Jserv, but I wouldn't think of using a single
> Tomcat instance for all of my virtual hosts.  Doesn't make any sense at all.

If you mean one webapp, I don't want to either, but there are some related 
virtual hosts that I do want lumped together.

> >From a user standpoint, if I was paying $30 a month or whatever for hosting,
> and my ISP told me that they couldn't restart my application because it
> would effect others, or that my application was going to be down because
> someone else's application was causing problems, I'd be pretty upset.  From
> that perspective, Tomcat does virtual hosting just fine, using separate
> instances, provided you have the resources.

That is one of the reasons we're moving to Tomcat, so we can restart one 
of our webapps w/o restarting the others.  But we have to work around the 
dynamic virtual host issue.

Doesn't it bother you that JServ, that ancient code, has some 
functionality that tomcat doesn't?

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