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From "Igor I. Tovstopyat-Nelip" <>
Subject help - Tomcat/Linux deployment
Date Sun, 12 Jan 2003 19:50:58 GMT
I was doing a development of the servlet/JSP web app on Windows and now
I'm deploying it on Linux RedHat7.2 for production. The software used is
Tomcat - MySQL - DBCP connection pool.

On Windows my app is running fine but I have the following problem on
Linux. The app runs stable all day long but next morning I can't login to
my app, the exception says: 'Connection Failure'.

Also, immediately after I start Tomcat on Linux I see a lot (26) of java
processes running. As I understand, they are Tomcat internal threads
launched as OS processes, because Linux JVMs (I tried both SUN's and
IBM's) use "green", not native threads.

Now, as the time goes by, the number of these threads/processes grows, and
when I try next morning to login, the server cannot create extra processes
needed to fulfill the client's request, because on Linux/UNIX the number
of user processes is limited.

Can anybody tell me if I understand this right, and what might be a

Thank you.

Igor TN

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