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From "Igor I. Tovstopyat-Nelip" <>
Subject Re: help - tomcat/dbcp deployment
Date Sun, 12 Jan 2003 19:13:59 GMT
Well, to get DBCP working was not difficult at all. I just followed Tomcat
how-to docs. And, as I learned from other people, it's being used on a
production level.

My Tomcat's version is 4.1.12.

Thank you.
Igor TN

> Hi,
> I developed a web-app consisting mostly of servlets and JSP, almost no
> static content. The application uses mysql and obtains connections from
> a dbcp connection pool.
> Now I'm deploying it for production on Linux (RedHat 7.2) in a tomcat
> standalone configuration. (Almost no static content, no cgi, no virtual
> hosts, no clustering, so I decided Apache httpd is not really needed.)
> It works pretty good for some time but ... The next morning the server
> is up and running but I can't obtain connection. When I'm trying to
> login into the app, the LoginServlet which is supposed to get a
> connection from the pool gives me an exception. Unfortunately, I can't
> show it here now, because I didn't copy it, and it will appear next time
> only tomorrow. But it reports something like Connection Failure, so it
> looks like a
> connection cannot be obtained from the pool.
> I'm quite positive that all my ResultSet's, Statement's and Connection's
> are closed in all appropriate places, and I'm also using
> 'removeAbandoned' in the server.xml descriptor.
> What can be the source of this problem?
> Also, immediately after my tomcat server is started, I lookup the
> running processes ( ps -ux ) and see that 25 JVM's is launched. Why so
> many? Is this normal? And what scares me is that all of those 25 JVM's
> are using 6% of memory each ( 25*6% > 100% ! ). At least this is what
> the ps command shows. Can anybody shed some light on this?
> Is DBCP good for production? I configured it exactly as the Tomcat docs
> instruct.
> I will appreciate any comments and advices.
> Thank you.

Wow! you actually got DBCP working!!!!
What version of tomcat are you using???

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