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From Chris Faulkner <>
Subject mod_jk config problems
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 16:21:21 GMT

I am trying to configure mod_jk to link Apache to Tomcat which I have done before with TC
3 and 4.0. I am trying to do it with 4.1.18/Apache 1.3. There is no sample
file with 4.1.18 - is this 
deliberate ? Anyway, I made my own but I can't get my requests through !

The mod_jk log is saying this:

[Tue Jan 28 16:15:31 2003]  [jk_ajp_common.c (1245)]: ERROR: can't resolve tomcat address
[Tue Jan 28 16:15:31 2003]  [jk_ajp_common.c (1247)]: ERROR: invalid host and port locahost
[Tue Jan 28 16:15:31 2003]  [jk_worker.c (174)]: wc_create_worker validate failed for worker1
[Tue Jan 28 16:15:31 2003]  [jk_worker.c (244)]: build_worker_map failed to create workerworker1

So something is happening  with the workers - looks like a failure to resolve to localhost
on port 8009. Can't think why that wouldn't work. Any ideas out there ?

We are on Apache 1.3 so I am not keen on using jk2 - this seems to demand recompilation of
Apache 1.3. Is that correct ?

Apache also complained about "JkLogStampFormat" in the mod_jk.conf file. This directive is
given on one of the sample pages. Anyone know why ?

I downloaded and installed mod_jk-1.3.... and to my shared library directory.




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