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From "neal" <>
Subject RE: [OFF-TOPIC] RE: RewriteRules and Standalone Tomcat
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 18:02:50 GMT
You're comparing apples and oranges .. and pears (staying with the analogies
;-)).  A high profile site of course does not need the engines to the same
extent as a small site.  Additionally, a small site with a mature link base
(100s or 1000s of grade A links) will not recieve as much traffic from them
either.  For a new site (first year or so) its just the opposite.  Besides,
I was including places like Yahoo!, AOL, when I refer to search engine.
Granted these are CPCs (fake search engines) but nonetheless google probably
has 80% of the search engine market ... as for the 80% of traffic coming
from search engines - its a statistic I recently read in a book.  I can look
it up for you if interested.  If sounds though like the truth of this
statistic has a lot to do with whether you're comparing apples ... oranges
... or pears.

As for switching to Apache with 1hr work ... I'm also bucking that just
because (a) my ISP will want to get involved and charge me hourly for the
setup of an addt'l app and (b) I will have to get another $300 SSL cert from
Trawte if I go that road.  Sigh.


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From: Turner, John []
Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 5:34 AM
To: 'Tomcat Users List'
Subject: [OFF-TOPIC] RE: RewriteRules and Standalone Tomcat

I'd love to see a cite for "80% of web traffic comes from search engines".
I've worked on plenty of high-traffic public websites in my day, and have
never, ever found that to be the case.  If anything, more traffic comes from
portals such as Yahoo, AOL, and MSN than anywhere else, and by that I mean
direct links from the main page, which cost money.

People don't get to by typing "shoes" in a search engine.  "Shoes"
on Google gets "Vegetarian Shoes" as the first link.  Yeah, that's relevant.

In my experience, search engine placement as a priority is the technique
used by sites that don't have any money and want traffic for free. Keep in
mind that traffic != sales, and traffic != revenue.  They're not even
directly proportional.

How you drive traffic depends on the target audience. Sometimes its a search
engine, I would say search engines are the last place people look when they
want to spend money.  Search engines are used, in my opinion, by people
looking for information or anything else that's free, not for someplace to
spend money.

"CDs" at Google doesn't get me Amazon, yet that's the first place I go when
I want to buy a CD from a major artist.  Even a specific artist like "Eminem
CD" doesn't get me Amazon anywhere near the top of the results.

For us, our Tomcat-based commercial applications are sold face-to-face by


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> From: neal []
> Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 6:54 AM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: RE: RewriteRules and Standalone Tomcat
> I'm not presuming its priority #1 always, but yes I am
> presuming it is a
> very high priority ... but ... 80% of web traffic comes from
> search engines.
> Unless you're one you've got a major print and media
> advertising budget how
> else do you drive traffic?  I suppose there are other
> possible scenarios
> such as Intranets or B2B apps, but I would suspect SEO is a
> significant
> factor for most who would deploy a commercial web application.

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