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From "david boyer" <>
Subject How to: run Tomcat as a Windows service
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 22:17:11 GMT
This topic comes up regulary and I know first hand that getting Tomcat to 
run as a Windows service can be a headache-especially if you want to run 
multiple instances with different configurations and security policies. To 
simplify this, I wrote a Visual Basic utilty that tackles this. It's 
available here (it's a free web host so I hope it stays up):

I've used it a number of times in addition to testing it throughout 
development. I know there are a number of enhancements it needs, but they'll 
come in time. It's alpha-quality although it does pretty much what it's 
supposed to. Anyway, I'll try to polish things up and post an updated 
version in the next couple weeks.

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