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From "Neginder Singh" <>
Subject Tomcat 4.1.18: Problems redirecting the page
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 15:45:53 GMT

Dear All

I am using the Tomcat Version 4.1.18. I am trying to run and application 
which was running fine on Tomcat3.2.1 Version.

The aaplication is installed under tomcat as follows:

C:/tomcat4.1.18/webapps/app1: This application uses another application uses 
app2 (also under c:/tomcat4.1.18/webapps/app2) which is accessed via soap. 
The jar required to access this soap application i.e app2.jar are put under 

app1 has three jsp page firstPage.jsp, secondPage.jsp and finalPage.jsp
all located under C:/tomcat4.1.18/webapps/app1

When i try accessing the app1 using the following:
http://localhost:9080/app1/firstPage.jsp (OK-success in accessing). The 
application is such that it uses the parameters in app1 to calculate the tax 
Percent using the app2 and display the results in finalPAge.jsp. And if the 
application accesses this page and calculates the right tax values using the 
app2 then it reaches the finalPage. But in case if the app1 fails to access 
app2, in that case the request is redirected to secondPage.jsp

I use the following code in finalPage.jsp to redirect it to secondPage


But the problem is when the page is redirected to secondPage.jsp, i get the 
following error:
HTTP Status 404 - /secondpage.jsp

type Status report

message /secondpage.jsp

description The requested resource (/secondpage.jsp) is not available.

But if i rename the secondPage.jsp to secondpage.jsp, it accesses the page 
but then doesnot display the error message which i want to display on the 


I have no idea why i am getting the errmsg=error:?(extra bit )in the url. 
Obviously when i remove the errmsg=error:?, i am able to display the message 
"No entry was found" in the jsp page.

Could any one help me in explaining as to what is going on .
1.Why the redirect doesnot work to redirect the page to secondPage.jsp but 
instead looks for secondpage.jsp.
2. Also could any one explain how the extra bit errmsg=error:? is inserted 
due to which the error Message is not displayed.

How could i fix this bug.

I would really appreciate any kind of help.


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