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From Kemp Randy-W18971 <>
Subject Jk2 application questions
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 13:59:56 GMT
OK.  I have the 2x and 4x versions of Apache and Tomcat, along with the
mod_jk2 connector, set up on Solaris and Windows 2000.  Here is what I am
having problems with.
1.  Context path.  If I set up an application context path for pdlens in
Tomcat, I can go http://localhost:8080/examples and
http:/localhost:8080/pdlens.  Now I can also get http://localhost/examples
but not http://localhost/pdlens.  What could be missing?
2. Virtual hosts.  If I have a virtual host called, I can get from Apache, but not talking to Tomcat.
What could be missing here?
In both cases, it can't find the desired websites.

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