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From "Christopher M. Zinn" <>
Subject Manager App: Installed Apps do not stay installed
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2003 18:08:34 GMT
  This is my first ever post to a mailing list, so please forgive me if
this question has been asked many times before. I have a scenario that
we have run into that has been bothering me with Tomcat and I'm hoping
someone might have an answer.

The scenario is this:

I have developed a new Web Archive containing a new application for one
of my customers. Their server is a Windows 2000 Server with Tomcat
4.1.18 running on it.

We have a directory "c:\Applications" where we store our unpacked web
applications. We unpack the Web Archive to my customers
c:\Applications\newApp directory. We create a context.xml and place it
in the c:\Applications directory.  The context.xml contains a
ResourceLink and the usual Context settings (path, docBase etc..) We
then use the Tomcat Manager application and install the application
live.  (http://customerserver:8080/manager/html)

The above works excellent and I have successfully deployed the
application.  The problem however is when Tomcat is restarted, it
forgets that this application was ever installed; and we would have to
re-deploy the application using the Manager again.

To get around this, we have been placing the context.xml's in the
tomcat_home\webapps directory instead.  With this method the auto deploy
feature of tomcat finds the context.xml and auto-deploys the application
when the server is restarted.  This of course does not work if we turn
off autodeploy on the Host element in the server.xml.

Is there a way to get an application to "stay" installed with the Web
Manager application other than using the above mentioned workaround?  Is
this a bug or is this how it is supposed to work?

Thanx for any information or insight,

- Chris Zinn

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