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From "Prashanth Gane" <>
Subject RE: servlet context, urgent !!!
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:53:52 GMT
if u r using tomcat4.1.x then u have to register the servlet context inside the web.xml or
else the server will not recoginse...

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From: Peng Annie
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 3:15 PM
To: ''
Subject: servlet context, urgent !!!


I am useing Apache2, Tomcat4. Now I got a problem about the servlet context.
I have an main application which was configured to the DocumentRoot in
httpd.conf, and the alias of this main application is just under the url
root (http://servername/index.jsp will direct user to
webapps/MainApplication/index.jsp). The programe need to redirect user to
another application webapps/SecondApplication/, so in a servlet of the
MainApplication, I use the following statements:

        ServletContext sc =

But it doesn't work, I always get error 
	The requested resource (/servlet/ControllerServlet) is not

It seems Tomcat4 tried to find this ControllerServlet in the
MainApplication. How can I get the context of SecondApplication? Should I do
sth with the web.xml?

By the way, the above way works fine on Tomcat3.2.

Please help, many thanks!


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