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From "Stickland, Michael G" <>
Subject Can Tomcat 3.3 support multiple versions of the JVM simultaneousl y?
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 01:03:39 GMT

I would like to configure Tomcat 3.3 so that some contexts use jdk1.3.1 and
others use j2sdk1.4.1. Our Tomcat 3.3 development server is currently
configured as a stand-alone server, and we have Apache running also. I have
read that by using multiple serverXXX.xml and appsXXX.xml files I can run
multiple JVM instances. I have also read that by configuring Tomcat to run
as a service under Apache I can achieve the same result using multiple
AjpConnector mounts with mod_jserv. What I havn't seen is how different
instances of Tomcat running on the same server can each be using a different
version of the JVM.

Our goal is to have some servlet contexts built and run using jdk1.3.1 and
others built and run using j2sdk1.4.1, all on the same server. If we need to
run Tomcat as a service under Apache we would be using mod_jk (not
mod_jserv). Does anyone know if this can be done? Can anyone explain how
Tomcat 3.3 (or 4.x) can be configured to accomplish this? Does anyone have
an example of this kind of configuration?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


Michael G. Stickland
Advanced Decision Support Applications	
Sandia National Laboratories

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