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From Reynir Hübner <>
Subject IIS - Tomcat authentication
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 13:57:29 GMT
I'm having problems with the most recent release of tomcat (4.1.18) and IIS authentication.

I've been using the IIS scheme "Windows Intergrated Authentication" scheme for serveral applications.

System description : Windows XP / IIS 5  / Tomcat 4.1.18

Problem description : 

I set up a host in IIS along with isapi_redirect.dll (not isapi_redirector2.dll) and configure
the jakarta isapi filter to work. 
It works great. 
Then I create a virtual directory in IIS and a directory with the same name in the tomcat
Then I configure this virtual directory in IIS to use Windows Intergrated Authentication (only).

I open the url with a browser and I get a window querying me for my windows username / password
(works fine). 
To be sure I'm not doing anything wrong I close all browser windows.

I put a jsp page into the directory in tomcat, that looks like this : 

  out.write("\n <br>RemoteUser :" + request.getRemoteUser());
  out.write("\n <br>UserPrincipal :" + request.getUserPrincipal());
  out.write("\n <br>AuthType :" + request.getAuthType());

So this page should write on to the response few information about the user who just logged
I open a new window, with the url pointing to this jsp file (let's say "http://myhost/login/test.jsp")
and I log in again (via the Windows authentication), then I get response that looks like this

RemoteUser :null
UserPrincipal :null
AuthType :null

It seems like the authentication is not being received in tomcat. 

I've been using this method for quite long time in intranet applications with out any problems,
authenticating the RemoteUser (that has logged onto the IIS, via his domain account, or login
window) against my applications. 

Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong ?


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