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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Tomcat 5 and CATALINA_BASE/shared/lib problem...
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 22:29:55 GMT

Hi all,

Using Tomcat-4.1.x, I can have separate instances of Tomcat running which 
access their own shared/lib folder.  In Tomcat-5.0 latest nightly build, 
that doesn't seem to be the case.

For instance, using Tomcat-4.1.18, if I have some jars in 
CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib and I start up a new tomcat instance with 
CATALINA_BASE set as something other than CATALINA_HOME, the jars in 
CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib will *not* be loaded.  Instead, jars will be 
loaded from CATALINA_BASE/shared/lib (if it exists).  This is the behavior 
I expect and love!

However, using Tomcat-5.0, if I set things up the same way, jars in 
CATALNIA_HOME/shared/lib *will* be loaded and jars in 
CATALNIA_BASE/shared/lib are completely ignored....or it could be that it 
is picking up both of them, but loading jars in CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib 
first and then looking in CATALINA_BASE/shared/lib.  If a jar in the latter 
contains the same packages that were already loaded in the former, then the 
latter is ignored.  Either way, Tomcat-4.1.x completely ignores 
CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib if CATALINA_BASE is set and is different from 
CATALINA_HOME where Tomcat-5 loads CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib jars no matter 
what.  This is behavior that I don't expect and don't like.

I used the ability to separate instances to run apps which required 
different versions of xerces.  I put xerces-1.4.4.jar in 
CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib for apps which I use most often.  However, I have 
other apps that need either slightly modified version of xerces-1.4.4 or 
require xerces-2.x.x.  For those cases, I run a separate instance of Tomcat 
using a custom set CATALNIA_BASE with a local shared/lib with the 
appropriately versioned jars that I need for this particular app.

So, this is a great feature in Tomcat-4.1.x (and, I imagine, Tomcat-4.0.x) 
but it seems to be broken in Tomcat-5.0.  Is this new behavior in 
Tomcat-5.0 a bug or was it intentional?  If it was intentional, can someone 
explain the reasons for the change in behavior to that of Tomcat-4.1.x?



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