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From Mauricio Matias <>
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 00:02:23 GMT
now i know, i cant shutdown tomcat, i dont know why, i seted catalina_home 
and java_home, do you know why it happens!?

At 10:36 22/1/2003 +1100, you wrote:
>If you're on a windows box, they can have trouble getting new class
>paths that are set in the environment variables screens until you
>reboot.  I believe if you set them from the command line this isn't the
>case but I can't say I'm too sure.
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>Sent: Wednesday, 22 January 2003 10:31 AM
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>At 09:11 PM 1/21/2003 -0200, Mauricio Matias wrote:
> >Hey people, is normal i have to reboot my comp when I change anything
> >classhpath or server.xml or web.xml. It isnt enough restart Tomcat.
>It's not normal.  A change in either XML file should (IIRC)
>take effect the next time you start Tomcat, no matter what.
>Can you give more detail, like what OS you're using, etc.?
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