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From Kief Morris <>
Subject Re: Serving files from the Apache docroot
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 12:11:25 GMT
Peter Flynn typed the following on 11:58 28/01/2003 +0000
>> There's no need to mirror content in two directories, nor is there
>> any need to point Tomcat at Apache's content root.  You can just
>> make Apache's doc root the same as Tomcat's Context root and the
>> issue goes away.  Or, just put your JSP and servlets in Tomcat's doc
>> root and leave it like that.  
>That did occur to me but I didn't try it, assuming that if the JSP file
>referred to other resources, it would break because they weren't in the
>Tomcat doc root.

Depends on the resources, if it's just links (img tags or whatever) then
the client will ask Apache for them; they won't need to be in Tomcat's
space if Apache is configured to serve them. If you're including files
in the JSP code then of course it'll need to be available to Tomcat.


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