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From Erik Price <>
Subject Re: JavaBean problem
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 13:51:51 GMT

Percival Bragg wrote:
> I am a bit confused about creating packages for
> javabeans. I am working thru a book titled "JSP
> Weekend Crash Course" which mentions nothing about
> compiling the bean into a package or using an include
> statement in the JSP page. Is the book incorrect or is
> this also a viable solution.

Your book might be somewhat dated.  As of JDK1.4, it's recommended that 
all classes be placed into packages, and you can't import a class from 
the non-package ("default" package) namespace into a package.

You can read a few more details here:


PS: I only know this b/c I ran into a similar problem.  I vowed never to 
write an unpackaged class in Java again!

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