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From "Henning Heil" <>
Subject [again]
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 14:25:52 GMT
Hi there!

mod_jk2 again, I'm getting nuts with this! (is there anybody who masters 
this?) Well, I'm really stuck, no way back or forward.

What I basicallay wanna do at the moment is, to use Tomcat just the way 
I use the php-module:
whenever a jsp-File is requested, just process the java-part, get all 
the rest (images, css, js ...) from the apache - but how can I realize 
that? I tested 50 possible combinations but if you're dummy like me 
you'll never find the way out, it's horrible.

I think it might be just a few lines, maybe you can help. (I attached
httpd.conf and

add. info: installed everything on a NT4-Server, c:\playground is the
root dir, apache 2.0.43, tomcat 4.1.18, mod_jk2-2.0.43.dll, it's 
reachable over the dns by the internal domain

How can I learn to understand what's up instead of copying again and
again? The offical docs seem not enough for me.

Thanks for your help (can anyone? hope so!),


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