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From Erik Price <>
Subject using multiple filters
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 19:38:05 GMT
I would like to use a filter on every servlet and JSP in my webapp to 
verify that the user is logged in (by checking the user's session for a 
value), except for "index.jsp" and "error.jsp" (error.jsp is for things 
like invalid messages, etc).

I would also like to use a filter on certain servlets to perform Form 
Validation using org.apache.commons.validator.

Is testing the URL the most elegant way to achieve the former 
(determining when the SecurityFilter should be in effect and when it 
shouldn't)?  And to use the latter (a form validation filter) do I need 
to register it in the same FilterChain as the the SecurityFilter?  Or 
can there be two separate, disparate filters for a given resource?

Thanks for any insight, it's kind of a confusing topic to me.


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