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From Lajos Moczar <>
Subject Re: How to implement this
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 16:04:08 GMT
Heny -

If you are referring to single-signon, all you have to do is uncomment
the single-signon value in server.xml and restart. That way, when a user
logs in to one webapp, the roles will automatically be applicable to any
other webapp on the server. Tomcat will create a cookie names
JSESSIONIDSSO and which will have this 'global' session id.



Henry wrote:
> can anybody give me a concept about implement ONE SIGNIN at the same time?
> if I use servlet or jsp to implement it
> the way I consider about is below:
> 1 record the sessionId and userId in some media(db), then we'll know who is login and
who is not
> 2 use a demon program to determine whole sessionId which is live and correspond to db's
data if some session is dead then demon program will remove from db
> how to get whole sessionId which is live? does it work or anybody has more intellegent
idea about it?
> thanks


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