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From Christopher Mark Balz <>
Subject TC 3.3.1 authentication roles - what is going on?
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 17:19:33 GMT
    It seems that to get good authentication whilst tying one role to 
one web app (so only one designated user can use a given designated 
webapp), I must assign two roles to the designated user: an arbitary 
role, and a role of "deployer", and omit or comment out the role of 
"deployer" in web.xml:

     <!-- role-name>
     </role-name -->

In this case, the user "Dr. Alan H" is assigned to be a deployer. 
 Authentication does not work well without this.  I tried creating a 
dummy deployer, paired with dentalExpert0, but that did not work (it's 
commented out below).  At least now, however, I can get good 1-1 
authentication.  I am running across two browser frames, and because 
document.domain assignments do not seem to mollify the furiously buggy 
Tomcat, I have had to submit to requiring the user to log-in twice, once 
for each frame.  That is, until I change web servers.  Anyone have any 
idea of how to explain TC 3.3.1's curious behavior?

  <user name="root" password="xxxxx" 
roles="tomcat,role1,tomcat_admin,tomcat_root" />
  <user name="guest" password="xxxxx" roles="demo_user" />
  <user name="Chris" password="xxxx" roles="deployer" />
  <!-- user name="Chris0" password="xxxx" roles="deployer0" / -->
  <user name="Dr. Alan H" password="xxxxx" roles="dentalExpert0,deployer" />

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