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From Erik Price <>
Subject Re: troubleshooting web.xml
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 13:20:42 GMT

Steve R Burrus wrote:
>  Hi Erik, I need some help w. the very same problem which you have seemed to
> encounter, that is my utter ability to see/view successfully a servlet in my web
> browser!!! Now, you say that u edit the various <servlet> tags in the web.xml
> file!! How do you go about editing the servlet name and servlet class tags anyway?
>  Cannot do it!!

I'm not sure which Erik you're referring to, but if it's me, what I do 
is open up the web.xml file in a text editor like BBEdit or jEdit and 
then put the cursor somewhere between the <webapp> tag and the </webapp> 
tag, then I type "<servlet><servlet-name>", followed by the name by 
which I want to refer to the servlet, then "</servlet-name>", then on 
the next line I type "<servlet-class>", followed by the fully qualified 
class name of the servlet in question, followed by "</servlet-class>", 
then "</servlet>".  I do this for each servlet I want to register in my 
webapp.  Later in the file, after all of my "<servlet>" elements, I 
enter "<servlet-mapping><servlet-name>", then I type the name that I 
gave my servlet in the earlier section (exactly the same way), then 
"</servlet-name>", then I type "<url-pattern>", followed by the URL 
pattern to match for invoking this servlet (relative to webapp root), 
then "</url-pattern>", then "</servlet-mapping>".


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