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From Martin Jacobson <>
Subject Re: servlet with Tomcat
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:07:18 GMT
Steve R Burrus wrote:
>  Hi Ralph, whoever the hell you are, or supposed to be! Why do you damned people
> always have such a "holier-than-thou" attitude towards people like myself who want
> nothing more or less than to have our questions answered!!! I'm quite sorry if I
> didn't seem to ask the questions just the way in which you wanted me to ask them!!
> You know what they say "Different strokes for different folks"!!! I wish that you
> could believe me when I say that I have tried to ask the quesions in the most
> civilized and dignified way possible, and I FEEL QUITE SORRY FOR YOU AND OTHERS if
> you cannot find it in yer heart to forgive me one more time!

Hi Steve,

I haven't replied to your messages in the past, as I am not a Windows 
user, and not in a position to help you with your NT-specific problems, 
which you seem now to have resolved.
I'm writing now because you seem to be having difficulty *communicating* 
with this list (based on the reactions to your posts). Email is a 
difficult medium to convey anything other than information - even 
'smilies', and other artifacts only partially help. Peppering your 
postings with expletives is likely to offend, even if that was not your 
intention, as I'm sure it wasn't.

However, you recently asked what the <servlet> & <servlet-mapping> 
elements meant:

Here's an example from my web.xml file. The servlet class indicates the 
fully qualified class of the servlet, while the servlet name simply 
indicates a short (but unique) name that acts as an alias within the 
web.xml file. Hence...


The servlet mapping element allows you to map a url to a particular 
servlet, referred to by its alias (ie, the servlet-name). Hence...


So, given a host "" & a context of "myapp", the url
"" will be directed to the servlet 
whose name is "logout", which is "com.terma.martin.drs.servlet.Logout".



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