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From Kevin Kovach <>
Subject Another port 80 problem
Date Wed, 15 Jan 2003 05:13:32 GMT

I've read through several of the threads concerning getting Apache to 
hand off calls for JSPs/Servlets to Tomcat on port 80 and I'm still 
having a problem. :-/ My setup is as follows:

Linux 2.4.18
Apache 2.0.43
JDK 1.4.1_01
Tomcat 4.1.18 LE

I have apache running on port 80 with no problem. Tomcat running on port 
8080 with no problem. I also have apache serving the static content from 
webapps/examples directory just fine. I opted not to use the auto 
configuration of apache because I was having a problem with the named 
virtual hosts. When I tried to use the auto configuration, apache wasn't 
able to find my webapps/examples to serve the static content. However, I 
did take everything from the generated mod_jk.conf and add it to my 
httpd.comf file. I've not changed server.xml at all other than replacing 
localhost with my hostname.

Anyway, when I try and access a JSP on port 80 I get a '500 Internal 
Server Error'. Apache doesn't seem to mind the GET for the JSP. There's 
no record in the error log. It shows up like normal in the access log, 
but I get an error. Accessing the same JSP on port 8080 works just fine.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any advice/suggestions would be 
great, please. I'll be happy to provide config files if this isn't 
enough info. Thanks.

- Kevin

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