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From "Craig S. Connell" <>
Subject setting unpackWars=false
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 18:12:41 GMT
This afternoon I began to look at running some of our WAR files in
Tomcat (4.0.4) without unpacking them.  I set the unpackWars=false in

This seems pretty straightforward, although there appear to be some
issues.  None of the application that I try to run this way work now.
  These applications do work if I set unpackWars=true.

An example is Cocoon.  When I try and run Cocoon without unpacking it, I
get some errors in Cocoon where it appears unable to find some of the
classes it requires.  If I look into the work directory, I find that
some files have been unpacked there (as I expected), and notice that the
classes in question actually do exist in a JAR in the WEB_INF\lib
directory (as expected).  So, in Cocoon's case, I am unable to compile
the file.

So my question is .... what am I missing?  Are there some other
configurable options that I should be aware of?  What do I need to do to
make an application run without unpacking the WAR file?  I also noticed
that the contents of the work directory are different depending on
whether or not unpackWars is true of false.  I could see that being
expected behavior - but should it be?

Thanks for any help.

Craig S. Connell

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