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From David Jenkins <>
Subject Big integration issue
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2003 03:06:55 GMT
Doing a little research for my work.  We're looking at a few main 
possibilities, depending on the reliability, supportability, etc.
I should probably post part of this on the Apache Users list, but I'm 
hoping maybe some of the users here might have experience in this as well.

We want to be able to do all of the following:
	Call ActiveX components.
	.NET (ASP and Applications)

We're looking into several scenarios:
	IIS with a connector to Tomcat.  Not sure on the reliability of any 
connectors to Tomcat from IIS.

	Apache with a connector or module that could run ASP that can in turn 
call ActiveX components and run Javascript.  I know thats probably a 
tall order....  Not worried about reliability of connecting to Tomcat - 
mod_jk works wonderfully 8)

	As an interim solution we're planning to run IIS and Tomcat standalone 
(IIS on port 80, Tomcat on 443 8), but we'd really like to have an 
integrated solution.

Me personally, I'd like to see nothing but open source, I'm an Apache + 
Tomcat bigot myself, but when you're a small department in a big corp 
it's not realistic to think that way 8)

Anybody who's running any of these scenarios or something similar if you 
could give me what you use, throughput, reliability, etc.  I'd greatly 
appreciate it - I've finally convinced them to at least consider Java as 
an alternative, so I'd like to set up an environment that could allow a 
seamless migration towards it.


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