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From Jon Eaves <>
Subject Re: [OFF-TOPIC] RE: RewriteRules and Standalone Tomcat
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2003 22:58:31 GMT
Hiya Neal (and others)

As a counterpoint to your argument about search engines and
small sites I have some real numbers:

 From my website referrer stats:
(For an Apache HTTP:

Direct requests : 28% : 1.5%
Google images : 0.7% : 0.3% : 0.15% : 0.15% : 0.11% : 0.09% : 0.08% : 0.06% : 0.03% : 0.03% : 0.03% : 0.03% : 0.02%

The rest of the traffic is from a whole load of
Java MIDlet portals.

Total search engines combined: ~4%

Now, I'm not running or anything like that but for
a personal website I get an average of 30,000 hits a month, and
I suspect that the only way that people find my site would be:

1. Signature links in email
2. Search engines

It's not like anybody is going to be trying to guess my URL just
to see what is there ;-)

And the best thing is that I have a site that is just running
Tomcat, on a wacky URL to compare this against:

Direct requests : 55% : 15% : 9%
google : 6% : 5% : 1% : 1%

Now, I don't trust these numbers as much because the hits are
so much lower 2000 hits a month, but it's clear in my case that
there is no, or little "penalty" for whatever behaviour Tomcat might

Of course, YMMV, batteries not includes, offer void where prohibited
by law.

	-- jon

neal wrote:
> You're comparing apples and oranges .. and pears (staying with the analogies
> ;-)).  A high profile site of course does not need the engines to the same
> extent as a small site.  Additionally, a small site with a mature link base
> (100s or 1000s of grade A links) will not recieve as much traffic from them
> either.  For a new site (first year or so) its just the opposite.  Besides,
> I was including places like Yahoo!, AOL, when I refer to search engine.
> Granted these are CPCs (fake search engines) but nonetheless google probably
> has 80% of the search engine market ... as for the 80% of traffic coming
> from search engines - its a statistic I recently read in a book.  I can look
> it up for you if interested.  If sounds though like the truth of this
> statistic has a lot to do with whether you're comparing apples ... oranges
> ... or pears.
> As for switching to Apache with 1hr work ... I'm also bucking that just
> because (a) my ISP will want to get involved and charge me hourly for the
> setup of an addt'l app and (b) I will have to get another $300 SSL cert from
> Trawte if I go that road.  Sigh.
> Neal

Jon Eaves <>

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