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From Christos Karras <>
Subject Re: DTD for server.xml??
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2003 17:02:15 GMT
I'm doing it in my server.xml file this way:
<!DOCTYPE Server [
    <!ENTITY inc_vhosts SYSTEM "/etc/tomcat4/vhosts.xml">

and somewhere in the <Engine>:

Turner, John wrote:

>That makes sense.  OK, next question, in a thread started yesterday, it was
>mentioned (correctly, I assume) that you could use XML entities to include
>external XML files into server.xml.  
>So, this link came up on Google:
>Which leads a person to believe that something like 
><!ENTITY vhost SYSTEM "/path/to/tomcat/conf/vhost1.xml">
>Then towards the bottom:
>would work in server.xml, but it doesn't.  Error:  "Catalina.start:
>org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The content beginning 
>"<!" is not legal markup. "
>Is this a futile path, or is it possible to include external XML into
>server.xml when server.xml is parsed?  If so, how?

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