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From Gary Gwin <>
Subject Re: Realm not working now I've moved from Win2K to Linux
Date Thu, 02 Jan 2003 17:52:40 GMT

Can you see in your Tomcat log files if you are being forwarded back to 
the original request page after authentication? If yes, and you are 
being authenticated as you indicate, this sounds like the state is 
somehow being lost. In this case, you might be in a forwarding loop 
between the protected resources and the login page. I'm not sure on why 
this would be happening.

You might take a look at our Cams product:

Cams unifies Apache and Tomcat security under a centralized security 
policy umbrella. It is tested under Windows and Linux to work via JDBC.

Good luck,


Ben Jessel wrote:

>I have a JDBC realm set up that interfaces with a mysql database in tomcat 4.0 on a windows
2000 server. This has been working fine - I place my pages under the security constraint,
and I am forwarded to the login page o.k. Entering my details then puts me to the 'login correct'
page, and all is good. Now I have now migrated to tomcat 4.0 on Mandrake 9, and I cannot log
in. I have turned up debugging to full, and I can see that authorization is fine. I can see
the sql and see the results being returned, however, I keep getting forwarded back to the
login page. My configurations are very similar! Though, strangely enough, the RPM that I got
from RPM finder has different ports configured to the win2k ones. I've replaced the server.xml
with the one from the win2k distribution of Tomcat 4.0.


Gary Gwin

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*   centralized access control for Apache, Tomcat, and custom   *
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