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From Mike Marchionna <>
Subject Problem With Using allowLinking and Sessions in Tomcat 4.1.18
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 19:24:35 GMT
Hello, I generally create a WebApp directory that uses symlinks to reference
all the top level JSP directory trees in my WebApp.  I do this so I can have
single JSP source tree in multiple App Server instances.  With Tomcat 4.1 I
forced to add a Resources element to the Context definition to get JSP pages
compile.  My Resources entry in my server.xml looks like this:

              docBase="/home/mikem/web/tomcat-4.1/SPRTmikem" />

Here SPRTmikem is the root directory of my Web App.  This allows the JSPs to
compile, but if I hit a page referenced through a symlink I get a new
object with every page hit.  For example if I have two directories under
SPRTmikem called symtest and phystest each with a sesstest.jsp file in them,
and symtest is a symlink to a directory outside the SPRTmikem web app
each time I hit /SPRTmikem/symtest/sesstest.jsp I get a new Session object.
If I
hit /SPRTmikem/phystest/sesstest.jsp the request.getSession() function
behaves as

This seems like a bug, and I'm willing to track it down if someone knows a
place to start looking in the code.  Of course if there is a configuration
to correct the problem that would be a lot easier.  Does anyone have any


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